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Commercially operating a wind farm

Are you the operator of a wind farm or wind turbine?

  • Do you operate a wind farm or wind turbine, and have the feeling that things aren't running as smoothly as you would like?
  • Do you feel that your current operator is REALLY providing you with in-depth, individual and expert advice?
  • Do you really need all the things you are currently paying for?
  • Does your current operator provide you with independent and continuous suggestions for improvements, and if so, do these yield results?

Modern wind farms have long service lives. This makes them particularly profitable. But it is also very demanding in terms of material, labour and machinery. The technical and commercial operational management services provided by OSTWIND offer a modular service package. It is optimally tailored to the requirements of your wind farm in terms of technology, operations and marketing.

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Dietmar Hanser
Manager of Operational Management
phone: +49 (0)9123 / 1 57 31 20
fax: +49 (0)9123 / 1 57 31 99

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