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Offering sites or projects

Can you offer sites or projects?

  • Are you a landowner and want to make more effective use of your site without incurring any additional costs?
  • And do you want the utilisation project to be completed as quickly as possible, with the prospect of soon receiving continuous and long-term leasing revenue?
  • Do you want to take a future-proof approach and are considering leasing your site as a wind-turbine location?

An important prerequisite for effectively utilising a site and making our wind projects successful is the fact that OSTWIND explicitly only selects truly suitable sites. OSTWIND checks the sites, measures the wind using certified standards, and estimates the expected yield. We check all relevant criteria, such as the distance from residential areas and the adherence to nature conservation guidelines.

We place particular emphasis on ensuring that sites are utilised as quickly as possible. OSTWIND assumes responsibility for the entire project development – from organising and supporting the permit procedure, planning and construction through to connection to the power grid.

The area thereby used is minimal: when erecting a turbine, OSTWIND only uses the area that is truly essential. The rest of the property can continue to be used for agriculture and forestry. We also improve the infrastructure and preserve its value by maintaining and servicing it.

If you are seeking a professional partnership among equals, OSTWIND is the right port of call for you: we closely coordinate with you during every stage of developing and installing the facility, and always explain precisely what we are doing.

Your contact person

Georg Frhr. v. Aretin
Head of Project Developement
phone: +49 (0)941 / 5 95 89 48
fax: +49 (0)9 41 / 5 95 89 90

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