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Invest in projects and profit from wind energy

Are you a local resident wishing to invest in and profit from the energy transition? Would you like to become more independent from fluctuating energy costs and generate your own electricity from one of the regional and climate-friendly energy sources of the future?

Then a communal wind project for local residents with OSTWIND as your partner is the right choice for you. OSTWIND offers the right model for a variety of investment forms and options: for local residents, owners' associations, cooperatives, municipalities and municipal utility providers. For an energy transition that is profitable and fosters community. This way, the entire value chain remains in the region: from the lease and the income generated by the eco-electricity through to new tax revenue. This vitalises local economic cycles and is fair and democratic – and brings a breath of fresh air into the region.

When planning and constructing, OSTWIND emphasises information and transparency from the outset. We answer all the local residents' questions and closely coordinate with local stakeholders at every stage: with local authorities and municipal councils, with neighbours, landowners and property owners.

  • Are you looking for a secure and long-term investment opportunity?
  • Is the lasting value of an upwards-trending future market important to you?
  • Do you wish to invest your money locally, in a regional product?

By investing in wind power, you are investing in the future market of renewable energies – and profiting from it.

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