Ostwind. Winning energy.

OSTWIND: Securing energy

OSTWIND has dedicated itself for almost three decades with full commitment and great success to utilising renewable energies.

OSTWIND is an expert, fair and reliable partner for investments in wind or solar power and the right choice when it comes to:

  • searching for and securing solid sites
  • developing successful projects
  • realising high-yield wind farms and solar-projects
  • securing your investment over the long term

Allow the wind to carry you to a great future: Our exacting quality standards and our great experience provide the best foundation for enduringly successful projects and investments which are profitable in the long term.

For wind is our strength – why not make it yours too?

At many sites in Europe, we have been able right up to the present day to realise our conviction that the power of the wind can be harnessed not just to produce electrical energy but also to create more energy for life.

Successful investments

The central factor governing the success of our project development work and the prerequisite for your successful investment is that OSTWIND only selects sites which are really suitable and secures the best ones contractually.

Trusting cooperation on site

The projects are planned and implemented right from the outset in close collaboration with all of the parties involved at a local level: with authorities and local councils, but also with neighbours, farmers and owners of real estate. A trademark is that OSTWIND gives preference to commissioning companies from the local region to carry out the construction work.

Strong partners

OSTWIND cooperates with strong partners – including all the well-known manufacturers of wind turbines. This means that as an investor you can have the confidence that each of our wind farms is equipped with the very latest state-of-the-art technology regardless of the manufacturer. In addition, on request we will integrate dedicated online monitoring and measuring systems in order to optimise the performance of the facilities and to ensure long-term operability.

Turnkey delivery

At the end of each project, OSTWIND hands over a wind farm which is perfectly developed in economic and ecological terms, is comprehensively safeguarded from a legal standpoint and has an optimum technical configuration.

Informed choice of sites

This is followed by well-established site development and optimum configuration of the wind farms – including the company’s own certified wind measurements, the entire approval procedure, and smooth connection to the power grid.

Intelligent operational management

But our responsibility extends even further: OSTWIND’s operational management uses intelligent management and innovative know-how to ensure maximum returns and a long useful service life for your wind farm. This guarantees a rich yield from the wind – today, tomorrow and beyond.

Tailor-made financing

When you invest in an OSTWIND project, you benefit from our excellent working relationship with insurance companies, banks and authorities, whose technical, legal and commercial requirements are incorporated into our project planning right from the outset. If you wish, OSTWIND can also initiate tailor-made financing for the projects – individually matched to cater for your requirements.