Ostwind. Winning energy.

Our vision

OSTWIND would be unthinkable without the years of commitment and dedication shown by Gisela Wendling-Lenz and Ulrich Lenz in the anti-nuclear power movement.

Above all, it was the opposition to the nuclear reprocessing plant planned in Wackersdorf that prompted them to push ahead with the exploitation of renewable energies.

"Our own personal turning point on energy issues came over twenty years ago at the fence constructed around the nuclear reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf, when the intention was to resolve the energy question by force from the police. The reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf was not built, but the search for alternatives became a personal mission for us.

Do we want to leave behind nuclear risks, catastrophic climate problems and a world without resources for generations to come? Or do we want to give them the opportunity to design their lives freely using new energies? Our journey led us to the wind because in this elementary power we saw the fastest realisable potential source of energy for a better and more secure future.

Today we face an even greater challenge because the demand for energy is growing around the world and there is a war over oil. More than ever, the choice between a civilisation that is dependent on sparse reserves of raw materials that will soon run out or one that extracts its vitality at a decentralised level and solely from renewable resources is of vital significance to every single one of us. Are we really willing to change, is our way of thinking "renewable" too?

Our family company at any rate has dared to take up the challenge of tackling the wind. This now extends beyond Germany into a new Europe which in 2020 will obtain its energy from the earth, from the sky and from water."

Gisela Wendling-Lenz und Ulrich Lenz
Managing Board OSTWIND AG