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Social activities

Already thinking of tomorrow today is the guiding principle behind the work that OSTWIND does. All OSTWIND projects are based on our urge to do something to protect our own vital resources and to take responsibility for coming generations. It is with this conviction that we also support social and ecological projects. 


For example the Regensburg Mini Marathon. "Nowhere else do children and young people learn better how to handle their energy efficiently, but also that energy is renewable," say Gisela Wendling-Lenz and Ulrich Lenz in explaining their commitment. In the OSTWIND Mini Marathon, which was staged for the 18th time in 2014, young runners compete in age groups ranging from five up to 19 years of age.

The fact that over the years the marathon has developed into a national attraction which serves as a role model and repeatedly sets new records for the number of entrants is down above all to the LLCMarathon Regensburg. OSTWIND supports the mini marathon as the name sponsor and provides the prizes and medals. This is because we want to signal the future not just with wind turbines, but also by supporting sport for young people in a sustainable way.

Terre des femmes

This non-profit human rights organisation supports girls and women through international networking, raising public awareness, campaigning, individual personal assistance and the promotion of self-help projects. Terre des femmes works to ensure that women and girls around the world are able to lead equal and self-determined lives as well as enjoying inalienable rights.



The Volleympics beneath the water tower in Forst are one of the biggest mass-participation sporting events in Brandenburg and are aimed at volleyball players of all ages. Despite the competitive nature of the contests, the tournament focuses primarily on "boundless fair play", that is to say tolerance, equal opportunities and not least fun when playing sport.


Association for the Schlieben-Berga Satellite Concentration Camp Memorial Site

The most important aims of the association include coming to terms with, documenting and publicising the tragic period associated with the satellite concentration camp and the Hasag munitions factory. It is all about creating a climate of historical responsibility and a lasting reminder of what happened at the time. Schlieben-Berga, which is situated in the present-day German state of Brandenburg, was the third-biggest of over 136 satellite camps belonging to Buchenwald concentration camp.


Bioenergiedorf-Coaching Brandenburg

Bioenergiedorf-Coaching Brandenburg e.V. is an initiative of representatives from very different fields. Their aim is to highlight the enormous energetic potential existing in villages, communities, offices and cities, but also in households and companies, and to mobilise the resources which are typical for the region for modern energy and material flow management.


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