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Investment options for local residents, municipal utility providers and municipalities

The Regensburg-based OSTWIND Group works hard to ensure that the implementation of the decentralised energy transition using renewable energy is carried out with the benefit of local municipalities and residents in mind. 

This is why many of our new wind-energy projects provide the opportunity for interested locals, conscientious municipalities and committed municipal utility providers to invest in the project.

The reason for this is as simple as it is obvious: the local population makes its local resources directly or indirectly available for new energy. The value thus generated should therefore remain in the respective region to the greatest possible extent.

In order to ensure this, we offer various investment options for the residents' benefit at selected, high-yield wind-power sites.

Example of a residents' investment project

Around 300 residents have placed their trust in OSTWIND and financially supported the OSTWINDpark Rotmainquelle with 3,750,000 euros. With their investment, our investors have made it possible to implement a very specific energy-transition project in Bavaria.

The woodland wind farm with five ENERCON E115 turbines is situated at one of the state's most wind-rich locations, in the district of Bayreuth in Upper Franconia – largely on land owned by the Bavarian state forestry service.

All the turbines have become operational on schedule.

Commercial viability is our success factor

The key factor to success, and the prerequisite for a profitable investment in our OSTWIND projects, is that we only select and contractually secure truly suitable sites. Due to our many years of experience, we know exactly where the wind blows the best, and which turbine type suits which site. And you can profit from this expertise.

We ensure that all investment offers are based on excellent commercial foundations. Together with our professional project development and the seamless operation of the turbines, this guarantees that all investors will be satisfied.

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