Ostwind. Winning energy.

The OSTWIND investment concept

To municipal utility providers and ECs (energy companies) with their own wind-power portfolio, we provide the opportunity of actively investing in their operations and thus generating in-house value.

Investing in value generation

  • Close collaboration with municipal utility providers
  • Individually coordinated incorporation of in-house resources within the technical operation of the wind farms operated by the municipal utility providers themselves
  • Local value generation within the region

Our concept for municipal utility providers

You benefit from:

  • Generating value together locally
  • Faster problem-solving thanks to direct contact to a major project-planning bureau
  • Direct personal point of contact for all issues
  • Our targeted focus on safety and efficiency
  • Our close collaboration with all major wind-turbine manufacturers (for you, this means preferential service and speedy maintenance)
  • Services precision-tailored to your needs
  • Sustainable establishment of expertise
  • Maximum cost transparency and planability

We are happy to act on your behalf and create a clear vulnerability assessment as the basis for optimising the operation of your facility.

Your contact person

Dietmar Hanser
Manager of Operational Management
phone: +49 (0)9123 / 1 57 31 20
fax: +49 (0)9123 / 1 57 31 99

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