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Timely construction

The entire construction process is highly dynamic. During every phase, it requires the utmost attention and painstaking project management.

OSTWIND is experienced in these critical moments, knows the solutions, and ensures that your project becomes operational seamlessly and on schedule. Not every turbine type is equally suitable for every wind-farm location. Here it is extremely important to have both the expertise and the freedom to make the right choice. OSTWIND has an exact knowledge of the products provided by the leading manufacturers in the wind sector (such as Enercon, Vestas, Nordex, Siemens, GE and others). OSTWIND independently and neutrally selects exactly the kind of wind turbine which is optimally suited to your site, and which is therefore profitable.

Implementation planning

  • Implementation planning for wind farms, including the complete infrastructure
  • Planning commercially viable start-up concepts
  • Route studies to assess accessibility
  • Fire and health protection
  • Special planning and intersection planning
  • Planning compensatory and restoring measures
  • Stipulation management
  • Planning energy management systems
  • Measuring-point concepts

Preparing the award of contract

  • Bidding for all necessary construction services for the construction of a wind farm, including infrastructure

Involvement in the award of contract

  • Support in, or assumption of responsibility for, negotiating the awarding of contract for construction services
  • Tender assessments and awarding of contract
  • Negotiation of, and support for, service contracts and comprehensive maintenance contracts

Direct monitoring & construction monitoring

  • Project management, construction monitoring and construction management
  • Construction of wind turbines, including all required auxiliary services
  • Stipulation management to ensure commissioning and operation
  • Certification management
  • Checking of measuring technology
  • Photographic documentation and preventive preservation of evidence

Direct support & documentation

  • Documentation and assertion of warranty defects (where required)
  • Monitoring of corrective actions (where required)
  • Consulting on the awarding of security services

Your contact person

Annemarie Röbl
Head of Project Management
phone: +49 (0)9 41 / 5 95 89 51
fax: +49 (0)9 41 / 5 95 89 90

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