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Profitable repowering

Repowering is already an important consideration for further expanding wind energy. Existing wind turbines are here replaced with modern machines with better performance and higher yields.

With repowering, wind as a resource can be utilised even more effectively.

Wind turbines are designed to provide a service life of around 25 years. Due to the extremely rapid pace of technological development in recent years, it is sometimes more profitable, however, to exchange older and smaller wind turbines ahead of time and replace them with more modern machines which provide better performance.  

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When is the ideal time to repower?

Like all energy-generating technology, wind turbines are designed to provide a certain service life. After this time, they are either thoroughly restored, a process during which many components are replaced, or they are decommissioned.

When should operators begin to consider repowering their turbine(s)?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much has technology developed since the turbine(s) became operational?
  • How great are the upkeep costs of the old turbine(s)?
  • Are major repairs/servicing works due to be carried out on your turbine(s)?

What are the benefits of repowering?

Benefits for residents

New wind turbines run even more slowly and quietly, as the increasing rotor diameter reduces the maximum number of rotations and the aerodynamics of the rotor blades have been further developed and improved.

Benefits for investors

  • Modern wind turbines are more compatible with the power grid than old ones.
  • New turbines generate a considerably higher electricity yield than old ones. In the mid-1990s, a new wind turbine generated only around 0.5 MW of output. The first OSTWIND turbines also perform at around this level. But today, the average output of newly installed onshore wind turbines already yield around 3.45 MW, more than a six-fold increase! And developments continue.

Benefits for operators

  • New wind turbines are more reliable and require less maintenance than older ones.
  • New turbines achieve more full-load hours. At double the rated power, a three-fold increase in electricity yield is generally calculated in comparison to an old turbine.
  • Due to long-term experience, residents near existing sites generally have a positive attitude to new, more efficient turbines.  

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